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Do you have a Struggling REader? I can Help!



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Hello, my name is Sarah Marshall. I am a mom of two who is sharing in this parenting journey with my husband of twenty-two years. A lifelong educator and learner, I feel most alive when I'm contributing to the world through my passion for teaching. I am also a lover of ideas, change, practices that value people, Cuban coffee, chocolate, and sushi! 

The instruction I provide is all about reading. Given my many years of experience in curriculum design, teaching whole group, and individual reading, and educating teachers and parents on how to enhance reading instruction, I know I can teach your child to read!

I hold degrees in both art and elementary education with a specialization in teaching reading to beginning and struggling readers.  My journey as an educator began eighteen years ago teaching pre-school. I next moved into the elementary world where I taught second grade for many years. When my second child was born, I was offered a unique opportunity to teach a group of twenty-seven students from kindergarten through fifth grade. This was the most amazing experience of my career. Not only did I get to know these incredible humans deeply for their individual personalities, but I also got to know them deeply as learners and see the progression of their learning over the course of those six years. I could not have asked for a better professional development experience. I was able to witness firsthand the nuances of each stage of their development on their educational paths, the different learning styles they each had, and how the learning of each grade connected together and unfolded to create a well-rounded and capable student. 
More recently I have moved from teaching in the public school system to homeschooling my own two children. When my family and I decided to take time off to travel, homeschooling was the obvious choice. While homeschooling, I have had the pleasure of teaching my own son the foundations of reading and watching him become a confident, independent reader and helping my daughter, a capable and avid reader, delve into her growing passions. 

New Bern Tutor brings together my expertise in both teaching and designing curriculum! I provide one-on-one online reading instruction for beginning and struggling readers, supplemental reading instruction for children on grade level and above, and many reading services to support homeschool families. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your children.

The instruction I provide is all about reading! Given my many years of experience in curriculum design, teaching whole group reading, individual reading and coaching teachers and parents how to enhance reading I know I can teach your kid to read! Let's get started!

The More THAT  You LEARN, The More Places You'LL Go."

I Can Teach Your Kid To Read!

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